DGT Information Systems
Choose the outsourcing model that works!
DGT is not a 'labor / staffing' based operation company. We are not the typical China outsourcing company that emphasizes only on lower price!

DGT practices a dedicated ODC model (overseas development center) that functions as a true extension of our clients IT operation.

We have successfully built two certified OF (Offshore facilities) for Microsoft, two certified GDC (Global Development Centers) for GE, ODC for TIS and we are pleased to announce that Boeing is next!
Minimize risk: a good DNA counts!
Established in October 2003, DGT is a joint venture between Digital China, General Electric, and TIS Inc. We have inherited a culture of innovation, commitment to excellence and quality.

The legacy of the Legend Group, the brand name of Digital China and our acquisition of IBM PC and its rebranding as Lenovo bears testimony to the fact that we have good heritage, know how to execute and will realize our vision to be the leading player in this space in China
What is DGT philosophy?
Outsourcing is not just about technical expertise but relationships & establishing bilateral trust & confidence
It is not just about SLA or the associated penalties for failures. It is about a vendor's commitment to resolution
The willingness of the vendor to adapt, invest & to be a true extension of the clients existing IT operation makes the difference for scalability & repeatability

Why is everyone choosing DGT?
Why do our clients, partners & employees choose DGT?

We practice a partnership model of doing business internally & externally. We seek to accomplish a win-win-win-win aim for our clients, partners, employees and for ourselves. DGT knows how to partner and is committed to this business model

Our commitment to clients, partners and to our employees differentiates us and this is the foundation upon which we will succeed together
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